Boot Wash

Profiled disc brush

The profiled disc brush is a short brush designed to wash and scrub the sole and sides of footwear and is ideal when size matters. Often paired with an in-built hand wash basin, this brush is used as an effective hygiene solution for removal of contaminants on footwear, especially in small spaces.

Horizontal brush

The horizontal brush washes and scrubs the soles of footwear and is designed for passage. We can supply various lengths starting from 300 mm and up to 1200 mm. The length of the horizontal brush depends on how much cleaning time is required and the number of expected users. Heavily soiled boots will require a longer passage for effective cleaning, likewise, a longer passage can allow for higher throughput of personnel. These passages can lead to separate hand wash stations, turnstiles, or have integrated functions.

Vertical brush

The vertical brush is available in heights of 70, 150 and 300 mm and is designed for medium to high boots. It is effective when the full footwear (sole, sides and shank) needs to be washed and scrubbed and is paired with a horizontal brush for the soles underneath. Horizontal brushes may be stand-alone or paired with a passageway.